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Web design is a discipline in which defined principles and syntax are used to come with content which is available over the internet and can be viewed through a web browser using a search engine. Web design consists of many elements. Contents is also an element of web design.

It is the way in which graphics, texts and ads are laid out in a website. The range of colors used in a website can be simple and web-safe depending on the owner or the viewers of the website. Graphics are like flavors of a website and should match properly with the color and content of a web page but they should not be congested as this will slow down the website and this is why a website should be only precise and at the same time straight to the point. Fonts are also used to enhance a website. Content of a website include texts and visuals making up the website.

There are various websites which belong to individual persons, institutions or companies and contain information about different things depending on their owner. a web designer can be a single person or a large web design agency composed of many people working in conjunction to come up with fully functioning websites. Examples web design companies include DC web designers, Toronto web Designers, acs creative web designers among many others. Different types of websites include educational websites, marketing websites, law websites and blogs. Web designers include user experience designers and general web designers.

A good website is determined by various factors as the ones i have listed below. Navigation is the arrangement of browsing tools in the website and should help the user to easily move around the website and assist them to efficiently find the information they need.

Good videos and audio in a website can help viewers to quickly grasp and understand information in the website. Compatibility is the ability of webpages to perform well in different browsers and operating systems. A modern web designer should incorporate emerging and new technological features such as movement, location tracking and instant robotic response in their websites. Interactivity makes a website popular to the end users as it involves users.

A hosting company provides storage services to websites and enables the website to be accessed via search engines in the internet. For a website to be available in the internet, it must be registered through a domain name and hosted either locally or by a hosting company either freely on a premium basis. There are many job positions in the web design industry and these job positions keep on increasing every other day. Web designing is taught in schools, colleges and various private institutions Websites makes a company known to many people in many parts of the world and therefore every company is having or is planning to have a website.

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